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Efficiency /Effectiveness

While you can think in terms of efficiency in dealing with time, a principle-centered person thinks in terms of effectiveness in dealing with people. – Stephen Covey

Integrity / Trust

The glue that holds all relationships together … is trust, and trust is based on integrity. – Brian Tracy

Insight / Perspective

Insight is not about gaining understanding or knowledge. It is about gaining a new perspective from which things look different

Caring / Customer Satifaction

In today’s competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator.

Established in 2002, with offices in the flourishing suburb of Hamilton, Nova Business Professionals offers Business, Superannuation & Taxation Advice and services to business clients and individuals throughout Newcastle, the Hunter and across NSW.

At Nova BP we believe that success is built on integrity and trust, a trust that is built on personal relationships.

All our team are not only trained professionals with the knowledge and understanding to solve business problems; but they’re also excellent communicators, who know how to explain what can often be complex financial issues.

We believe that it’s important for us is to empower our clients, whether through mentoring, training or online support.

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, personal and affordable service.

Whether that is helping you to start up your own business, grow or expand an existing business, planning for your retirement or effectively managing your taxation; our team is just a phone call away.

We understand that whether you’re planning for your retirement or seeking business support or tax advice, you need accountant or advisor to possess a broad range of general business skills to be of any real value to you.

We are genuinely interested in our client’s welfare and we strive to achieve the best outcomes possible! Our values inform our practice and all our professional staff demonstrate their commitment to achieving our client’s optimum outcome through these values informing our practice. In a word NovaBP genuinely cares.

So if you’re looking for our kind of caring accountant, financial planner or business advisor visit us at 5 Hudson Street( just off Beaumont) in Hamilton, the first coffee is on us!

Financial Administration Services

In today’s business environment you need to focus on your core business capabilities. For most small to medium sized businesses that’s not financial administration. It is immeasurably more effective and efficient to outsource this function. It allows you to focus on what you do best. Having more specialised workers to buzz around and attend to specific routine functions is what makes the beehive the model of efficiency.

Skye Mostyn (who insists she is not a drone), with the oversight of Scott Read, provides this service and you’d be surprised how reasonable our rates are!


Tax effective business,  what does actually mean? Often it simply means working smarter not harder to make your business and financial affairs more profitable.

Scott Read has vast experience navigating the treacherous ever-changing waters of tax regulation. Like a pilot that comes on board to take you through a part of your business journey, he’s a steady hand. His crew ( Ashleigh Cook) has been well drilled in responding to sudden shifts of the wind, to get you the best taxation result, so that you’ll save money.

Financial Planning & Superannuation

Gaining perspective in business helps us to recognise what we’re working for. While is sounds so simple, many many people get tangled up in working so hard to get ahead, they forget to stop to consider where they’re actually headed towards.

Our Financial planning service and the provision of superannuation options is the principle way that Nova BP helps its clients to achieve their personal goals; a life worth living. And this is the single most significant factor that makes our business practice different to other. Stepping away and back from our business endeavour to see what’s really important help us to shape what we do here.

It’s critically important to us remember the big picture, that we help people in their business and financial affairs because we want to help them in their lives.  This notion is very congruent with the Buddhist teaching of right livelihood; that we engage in the world in ways that bring happiness and wellbeing to our community.

Another crucial factor is our independent position in providing this service, the problem with so much investment advice these days that it is compromised by its lack of transparency and self-interested lack of integrity.

Business Advice

As we’ve said elsewhere the numbers tell a story, years of looking at business results as expressed in spreadsheets or tax returns means something. It’s a story about a business. Knowing what the story means is a special skill and it’s a skill that Brenda Read has been refining her entire working life. It brings together all of our business values; to see business from the vantage

Our Values for Client Success

We recently decided to introduce specific measures of our own performance against benchmarks based on the values at the head of this page:

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Our measure for Efficiency & Effectiveness was perhaps the easiest to benchmark we’ve always measured our responsiveness and had a thorough understanding of what clients expected: How long does it take us to respond to a query? how long do we let the phones ring before answering?  How long does it take to process tax returns? We’re tracking our performance across the entire NovaBP operation to continuously improve our performance in this way.

Integrity and Trust: Performance in these qualities is extremely hard to measure, Scott Read, the founder of NovaBP who has a lifetime interest in sailing. Put’s it this way when you’re in one of those “all hands on deck” situations you need to just know that people know their job and have not just the capability but also the commitment to just do the right thing. Measuring how often we do the right thing turned out to be relatively easier. Generally, when we get it right our clients tell us. Similarly, as you’d expect if we get it wrong,  we hear about it.

Insight and Perspective: Our measure for qualities of insight and perspective was inherently the most challenging, however, we’ve come to realise that it’s fundamentally at the core of what we do as accountants and financial managers. We’ve come to understand that the numbers have meaning, they represent actually circumstances and events in the real world that are critical to our clients business and financial interests.

Caring:  Our measure for caring was tricky to quantify, what demonstrated a value so contingent on emotional intelligence. We decided that going beyond the routine and really knowing our clients as people not just as their business identities mattered. The personal touch.

  • Effectiveness & Efficiency 93%
  • Insight & Perspective 73%
  • Trust & Integrity 80%
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention 97%
Scott Read

Scott Read

Accountant / Financial Advisor

Scott Read (Director) founded Nova Business Professionals in late 2002 and has worked with hundreds of Newcastle and Hunter based businesses specializing in financial planning, taxation & business mentoring.

Scott has over twenty five years investment experience and recently obtained his AFSL (Australian Financial Services License) to provide clients with independent advice

He is an authorized representative of SMSF Advisors Network Pty Ltd and in order to help clients to map out a pathway to their retirement.

Scott has developed the NovaBP business planning software, which provides a financial and marketing template that has now been used by thousands of small business clients to chart their business growth and development.

The program uses a fully automated spreadsheet to make the business planning as easy as possible for students and small business owners.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University, Sydney – majoring Accounting & Economics.

He has a Diploma in Financial Planning – from the International Institute of Technology and a Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and Training.

He is Treasurer of the Kyegu Relief Fund Incorporated which was a disaster relief fund established to support victims of the 2010 earthquake in Tibet.

Scott is a Member of the Association of Management and Taxation Accountants (ATMA), an Authorized Representative of SMSF Advisors Network Pty Ltd (SAN) and a Registered Tax Agent.

Scott has also qualifications in Somatic Psychotherapy. He keeps busy maintaining a 40 acre property in Mandalong. He is a keen bee keeper, enjoys sailing and follows AFL football’s Sydney Swans.

Ashleigh Cook

Ashleigh Cook

Accountant/ Office Manager

Ashleigh Cook joined Nova Business Professionals in 2008 and is now a co-director of the company.

Ashleigh manages all of our clients’ Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF’s) which includes administrative and superannuation support for almost forty clients, as well as all administrative and end of year support for our Company and Trust structures.

Ash also oversees the entire bookkeeping function for NovaBP including about thirty regular business clients with colleague Tania.

Ash is accredited in the Xero software and loves working with various businesses in the Hunter such as wholesale, retail, hairdressing, cafes, earthmoving, construction and FMCG.

She has studied Small Business Management, Cert IV Bookkeeping and has her Diploma in Accounting. She will complete her Tax Agent Registrations by June 2021 and become a nationally recognized Registered Tax Agent for the following year. Ashleigh is also a certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, however she enjoys fitness as a hobby rather than a career.


When she’s not managing our Hamilton office, Ashleigh is spending time with her two children (Hadley & Darcy) at the beach or adventuring up the mid-North coast with her husband. Ashleigh would one day like to learn how to surf, but for now enjoys fitness, fun-runs and performing with her local dance group.

Brenda Read

Brenda Read

Business Consultant

Brenda Read joined Nova Business Professionals in 2014.  She has a strong accounting and general management experience across a diverse range of businesses. As a business advisor for NovaBP and elsewhere, she has driven change and growth through a range of management roles and consulting projects within large companies through to regional micro businesses.

Her real strength lies in utilizing her accounting and management experience to facilitate and support change within organizations. This is backed by her extensive experience in applying both qualitative and quantitative international benchmarking tools.

Brenda holds a Bachelor of Business, Accounting Major with International Marketing from University Of Technology Sydney.

She has trained in Partnership Broking Alliance; Winning Measures Financial Benchmarking; Root Cause Analysis Certificate; Business Process Modelling and Probe Microscope International Benchmarking (UK).

In 2007, Brenda was awarded Telstra NSW Business Woman of the Year in the Community Government category for her role as General Manager in recovering and steering the Hunter Business Centre through five subsequent years of high growth.

Brenda has three sons, two dogs, a cat, and two beautiful horses.

Tania Smith

Tania Smith


Tania Smith joined Nova Business Professionals in July 2019 and specializes in the administration and bookkeeping for all of our small business clients, as well as the administration of our Hamilton Office. You may have recognized from her accent, Tania was born in New Zealand and now resides in Australia with her husband and three beautiful children.

Tania has been in the Bookkeeping/ Administration field since 2016 and prior to this was in the Travel industry. Tania handles Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and ASIC Annual Reviews for NovaBP as well as our many other small business clients. She completed her Certificate IV in Bookkeeping in 2015 and has been working with clients from many different sectors throughout the Hunter on both MYOB and Xero Accounting platforms.

Tania has become a Certified Xero Advisor and is hoping to start studying her Diploma in Accounting and Registered Tax Agent course within the next 12 months.




Tania is passionate about all things Bookkeeping, spending time on the lake with her three children (Isla, Liam & James) … and Coffee !


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