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Another year at NovaBP and this one makes 10

Ashleigh is coming into her 10th year with NovaBP

(yes, that’s right… 10!)

Ashleigh started with us when she was 20 years young and since then has studied Small Business Management, Bookkeeping Cert IV, Diploma in Accounting and is now sitting for her Tax Agent Registration….

It has become the norm for many clients to come into NovaBP and see Ashleigh’s smiling face greeting them, ready to assist with all things Tax, Bookkeeping, Business and Super! We are proud at how far Ashleigh has come over the last ten years, her dedication to improving our clients experiences with NovaBP and her drive to become a proficient and professional Tax Agent!

Wishing Ashleigh and her family a very Merry Christmas and Happy start to another year with NovaBP!

Ash has been organizing the office work load and ensuring things are running smoothly and efficiently over the last few years, specializing in business tax, financials and Superannuation.


Ashleigh and her family took a trip to Fiji this year (a first overseas trip with her two children, Hadley 5 and Darcy 3) and came back very sun-kissed and energized to finish the year off strong.

When not at work, Ashleigh is an enthusiastic dancer and just performed in an end of year show at Lizottes. Well done Ash!