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1. What Business are you in?
All forms of concreting (commercial, civil, industrial and domestic)

2. How long have you been in Business?
Good question, I would say around 20 years…

3. What is the most pleasurable part of being in Business?
Being your own boss…

4. Why have you been successful?
Greg has got 35 years experience up his sleeve and we have word of mouth working to our favour. We are a family run business and have developed a good brand name over the years.

5. What is the least pleasurable part of being in Business?
That it never closes… even when you’re on holidays… and definitely the stress. As we grew, we changed from partnership to company and that was a big change for us.

6. What type of experience do you want to create for your customers?
Satisfactory and a professional experience. Greg has always worked his business so that the customer is very happy with what they’ve paid for.

7. What input or support do you expect from your accountant?
Alot!! Nova has always been there for us – tax wise, bookkeeping and answering all general questions. They have always been really friendly and easy-going which is what we love.

8. What advice would you give someone starting a new Business?
Researching and having the right software and the right accountant. When we first started we should have researched, talked to an accountant before starting up, and made sure we understood all practices such as keeping documents and so forth.

9. Where do you see your Business in the future?
Expanding and handing it down through the family. Our sons are in the business now and we are hoping they will hand it down to their sons one day.
Keeping it all in the family and growing!!
Which has already started, and we are loving it!

Ellen Morris
El-Con Civil Pty Ltd