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By Ashleigh Cook.

What business are you in?
Children’s Entertainment – children’s birthday parties mainly.

How long have you been in business?
Emma  Hain and I created the company in 2008.

What is the most pleasurable part of being in business?
Having your own business is very rewarding. When you put in the effort and get to see first-hand all your hard work paying off, it really gives you the motivation to work and it actually makes work easier.

Why have you been successful?
I think we have been successful because we offer quite a unique service. We really focus on making life easier for the parents when hosting a child’s birthday party, and we can see the benefits of putting our customers first through our businesses growth.

 What is the least pleasurable part of being in business?
I guess the least pleasurable part would be having the responsibility all the time. No sick days! I think staying on top of things is one hard part but if you hire an amazing team like we did, it makes it a lot easier.

Would you have done anything differently?
Well, I wouldn’t change anything major. I guess maybe just re-investing financial gains back into the business at the beginning… and maybe keeping up with the ever changing world of social media!

 What type of experience do you want to create for your customers?
We want to give the children a ‘Magical experience’ at every party we attend.
This in turn allows the parents to relax and really enjoy themselves and their little one’s big day! It’s all about making life easier for our customer, the parents, by keeping the kiddies happy with games, balloons, face painting and more. We also aim to make the booking process straight forward and stress-free for the parent.

What input or support do you expect from your accountant?
Besides the obvious, lodging of tax and financial reports…. We love the fact that we can just fire any old question to Scott, Ash or Jimmy at anytime. The on-going support with tax, finance and just business in general is great.

What advice would you give someone starting a new business?
Research the market, research everything! Do your homework! Try to find out as much as you can on your industry, and then…. Jump IN!! It really makes work easier when you enjoy what you do!

Where do you see your business in the future?
We definitely want to expand into other avenues that may not be touched in the Newcastle and Hunter region, but for now we are just happy to keep providing an amazing service and amazing parties!

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