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  1. What Business are you in?
    Real Coffee is a business dedicated to coffee education.
    We are an Espresso Bar, Coffee Bean Retailer (online as well) and Coffee Equipment Specialist.
  2. How long have you been in Business?
    The beginning of the new millennium saw the creation of Real Coffee – So 2000 AD. (fifteen years)
  3. What is the most pleasurable part of being in Business?
    The diversity of the coffee industry and the product itself provides for constant growth in interest and knowledge.
  4.  Why have you been successful?
    Our success is due to our commitment to stick to our core philosophy – Educating the Consumer about Coffee.
    Whenever we have strayed from that ideal we have found ourselves floundering
  5. What is the least pleasurable part of being in Business?
     Probably the biggest challenge is handling difficult staff.
  6. Would you have done anything differently? i.e What has been the biggest lesson?
    We opened a new shop in Lorn (near Maitland) nearly two years ago – bigger, better, brighter and this brought with it some big challenges . The new shop has financially been a good move but it was a big strain setting it up and operating successfully.
  7.  What type of experience do you want to create for your customers?
    We want customers to understand what a great coffee can taste like when made correctly – whether that is espresso, stove top or plunger. We always take time to explain this which provides us with the reputation locally of the guys that know about coffee.
  8. What input or support do you expect from your accountant?
    Our accountant has kept up with tax changes that have benefited us and more recently helped us implement Xero accounting software.
  9. What advice would you give someone starting a new Business?
    Stick to your plan – Stick to your opening hours – Don’t over capitalise – Don’t be too distracted by what every customer wants.
  10. Where do you see your Business in the future?
    Ideally we would like to expand our current retail concept into more stores under a licensing or franchise model.
    We have the ability to supply all products into the stores already.
    Alternatively, we could sell up and go on a world cruise, visiting all the coffee related areas of the world!

We thank you James & Gillian!! If anyone would like to know a bit more about Real Coffee or River Roast please
contact James or the Team at Nova BP.

Until next time,

Ashleigh Cook