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Why consulting Nova BP on your tax makes sense.

Laws, regulation, and taxes are a quite dynamic changing field with both state and federal governments impacting both business and personal returns.

Running a business presents a lot of unique situations that can have a significant impact on your taxes and open the door for deductions, credits, and retirement account planning that you may not be used to or aware of. We can also help with ways to structure your business in the future by helping you take advantage of tax breaks in the coming years and being there for you if you encounter problems down the road. Sometimes understanding the impact of business decisions on taxation is a consideration that completely changes the relative merits of distinct options (such as to rent or to buy?)

If you own real estate, an accountant can be very helpful. A rental property opens up a lot of special tax situations that you’ll surely want to take advantage of and make sure you aren’t making any mistakes. The same thing can go for just buying and selling a home or other real estate.

In addition, the likelihood of ATO audits increases the more you earn so engaging a tax accountant makes sense.

If you have encountered a major life-changing event in the middle of a tax year it could lead to an unpleasant surprise come tax time.  Some of these changes include getting married, divorced, changing jobs, having children, receiving an inheritance or preparing to retire. An accountant can help to minimize the unexpected in these times of change.

Lastly, if you buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or anything else throughout the year in a taxable account you’re going to have a lot of things to consider. Long-term vs. short-term gains and losses, and dividends taxed at different rates are critical to get straight.

In addition, the likelihood of ATO audits increases the more you earn so engaging a tax accountant makes sense.

Over the last fifteen years, NovaBP has offered extensive taxation and general accounting advice for sole traders, partnerships, companies, trusts and self-managed super funds. As registered tax agents, we can help you plan your taxation going forwards, help you keep your administration, record keeping and compliance up-to-date and look at the best options to keep your tax to a minimum.

We know from experience that you are almost certainly paying too much tax right now.

How can we be so sure?
We believe that up to 90% of our business clients were paying more tax than they needed to before they first consulted with us.

When you consider that the average Australian pays more in taxes in a lifetime than they do on their mortgage, finding ways to reduce your tax bill makes great sense.

There are numerous ways to reduce the amount of tax you pay and as a general rule of thumb, if you’re paying more than 30% tax you’re paying too much!

The key to minimizing your taxes is planning. If you leave it to tax time, the chances are you won’t be able to take full advantage of all the entitlements available to you.

Talk to one of our tax specialists at for advice on:

  • Structuring your business to minimize tax
  • Superannuation strategies to reduce your assessable income
  • Small business entity concessions
  • GST
  • Capital Gains Tax or Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Company Tax returns
  • Partnership tax returns
  • If you think you may be paying too much tax, book a tax planning review meeting now to give yourself the best chance of minimising your tax this year.


“Nova Business Professionals have assisted me with all my financial affairs for the last 10 years. Scott and his team have always demonstrated high-level expertise and know-how with managing my tax each year.  Always quick to respond and extremely helpful with every detail, I highly recommend Scott and the team at Nova Business Professionals.”

– Kerrie Tooth.

“My wife and I have been self-employed for the last 25 years.  For most of that time Scott Read and the Nova Business Professionals have been there; not only to provide excellent support with routine financial matters like taxation and business reporting, but their team has also guided us through the challenges, changes in the business environment and the evolution of both our businesses. They helped us to establish our self managed super fund, set up our business structures and supported us to grow and become more confident and secure in our financial affairs. Now, approaching retirement, we know that Nova has the capability to help us to navigate into our rapidly changing economic future.”

– David Braunstein – Marketing Consultant