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What a year !

Skye has spent 2018 as the primary bookkeeper here at NovaBP and we must say, we love having her here! She is bright and bubbly every single morning (and she doesn’t even drink coffee !)

Skye has worked on her Xero skills throughout 2018, focusing on Payroll and Cash Coding to ensure her clients are getting the maximum out of her time in their files…

We wish Skye and her family a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing her again in January 2019!


From the NovaBP team…

All of us at NovaBP are extremely proud of where Skye is as a bookkeeper and how she is such a wonderful colleague to have in the office two days a week.

Skye has done some small trips up and down the coast of Australia with her two children, Charlie 3 and Josie 1 and her Husband Dean, visiting her family this year. Skye is looking forward to heading to Melbourne with colleague Ashleigh in February 2019 to attend an annual Xero seminar!